Supporting concussion (TBI) recovery, one entry at a time.One of the most important aspects of concussion (TBI) recovery is establishing a threshold.Neuro supports your progress by providing a simple touch interface to track symptoms and establish your daily threshold which enables an optimized recovery.

*Now available in select regions

Smart sensors & AI


Utilizing precision-calibrated sensors within your iOS devices, we monitor environmental and physical activity patterns, pinpointing anomalies that could hinder your recovery.


Correlating your symptom entries with sensor data, we identify patterns impacting your recovery, providing actionable insights for optimal recovery management.

Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, we support your recovery by identifying patterns, offering deeper insights, and potential warnings to guide your decisions.

*AI Processing coming in 2024

Our technology & user centric design empowers your recovery with greater insight and efficiency.Neuro provides a personalized view of your circumstances and empowers you with more control of your recovery.

Our Mission

Supporting individuals with their concussion (TBI) recovery by using digital tools they already own.We aim to empower our users to make a healthy recovery regardless of their lifestyle needs or demands.Our tools are based on published scientific methodology and designed around real user experiences, including their real-world recovery journeys.

We Provide

  • Enhanced threshold management

  • Tailored recovery tracking,

  • Best in class Health Dashboard

  • Medical grade reporting for review with your attending physician(s)

  • Intuitive visualization of your recovery progress with useful insights

We don't Provide

  • Virtual doctor visits

  • Diagnoses or Treatments for concussion (TBI)

  • Replacement options for Primary Care Physicians

  • Drug Prescriptions or Treatment plans

Annual Subscription

$19 /year


  • Simple & Intuitive symptom tracking

  • Smart sensor data for optimal recovery support

  • Improved Threshold management

  • Unlimited entries & progress tracking for common TBI symptoms

  • Medical grade charts for quick insights

  • High-Quality PDF Reports to share with your physician(s)

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Disclaimer: Neuro is not an alternative or replacement for qualified and licensed medical expertise. Please consult a medical professional as part of your injury recovery, in conjunction with using Neuro to track your progress. Neuro should not be used as a standalone medical solution to Injury Recovery. If you're experiencing a medical emergency, please visit your nearest hospital. Neuro uses open source components.